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Give a postcard to child

You can also help the abandoned children by buying our charitable postcards. Visit our online shop and please support us.

These are Special Edition postcards: each one has a unique number. These postcards are printed on uncoated Fedrigoni Tintoretto gesso 300 gsm cardboard and felt-marked on both sides. FSC certified, with environmentally friendly ECF pulp.

special edition postcard

The money you give us we put towards the cost of printing the postcards for children who live in orphanages, boarding schools or foster family. Moreover, we buy good materials for art for the most talented children, so that they may express their own artistic talents.

In case of any question please feel free to contact us. Contact us also if you want to send any art materials and supplies children’s art (watercolor, pastel, colored pencils, and etc.).

Please Donate And Get A Gift

Thank you!