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Postcards make children's lives better and happier

When a child receives a postcard that was sent by an unknown person, they understand that the true happiness is caring for and paying attention to people, and there is no need to give something expensive to somebody to make them happy. A child understands that good deeds can be made without waiting for any reward. They learn to care for someone and feel happy about it. They find that happiness is the true reward. Children discover that priceless values in the world do exist.

It is also known that children who are brought up in orphanages are isolated from the outside world; moreover, the necessity of living according to the rigid schedule causes despair.

The children's lives may be cruel; as a rule, the reason of children’s sadness is living in a ‘closed institution’. Organizations of the human rights (for instance, OSCE) refer to orphanages/children’s homes, boarding schools, and institutions of disabled people as ‘custodial settings’. These children lack a chance to have a true family setting.

Look into the eyes of the loneliest children

There are a lot of lonely people in the world. Lonely people are the people who have no relatives; they are people who feel the lack of attention from others. They feel real loneliness in their hearts. In return often they have no wish to demonstrate their emotions due to having such a heartbreak.


Illustration by Vasiliy Lozhkin ‘In the cage’

The problem of loneliness and social isolation

According to researchers the problem of loneliness and social isolation causes cardiovascular heart disease and other illnesses.

Loneliness decreases the duration of life and increases the number of suicides.[1] Teenagers and young people are particularly vulnerable.

Scientists also affirm that the level of youth’s death-rates due to loneliness is higher than the level of both adults and elderly death-rate.[2]

postcards for orphans

Children who live in Bratslav orphanage (Ukraine)

Our postcards are very kind

Paintings by the best illustrators from different countries are shown on them. The positive energy and talent of the painters encourage children to be creative, and contemplate the world around them. They learn to look at the world in another way. Their outlook on life brightens and becomes filled with hope and happiness.

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